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New Playground Equipment

Some of the following pieces have already been installed and some are in the plans for our final phase of construction.  All have been carefully researched so they meet the needs of our special populations...and are a lot of fun too!



The new swings in the East area are load tested up to 750 lbs. These swings are much wider than the swings in the North area to accommodate some of our larger students. The rollercoaster-style safety harness lifts for entry and snap-fits into place between legs for security.

Activo Nucleo

Activo Nucleo

Kids can bounce and "surf" on Nucleo for a fun ride that promotes balance and coordination. It's range of motion is determined by child's weight. Students can also straddle the board with or without support from behind to work on balance and trunk control.


Play Panels

There will be play panelsthroughout the North and East playground areas. The panels are intended to provide students with auditory, visual and tactile input.



Spintastic provides vestibular input in either sitting or standing. The angle allows the spinner to move with very little effort. It is also easy to transfer on and off.

Oodle Swing

The Oodle Swing

Oodle Swing can accommodate 4-6 children or a larger student with a staff for support. Students can either sit upright or be reclined.


The Supernova

The Supernova can be used by a single student or by a group. The large, slanting ring is set in motion by the children. Turning, spinning, balancing or just enjoying the ride are among the countless play options of the Supernova.

Spring Ring Bouncer

The Spring Ring Bouncer

The Spring Ring Bouncer can accommodate multiple students to encourage collaborative play. It also helps kids develop balance and depth perception as they bounce.

Roller Slide


The Roller Slide

Not just fast and fun, the Sensory Play Roller Slide provides kids much needed sensory stimulation, through the application of deep-muscle pressure, from the steel rollers.

Double Slide

The Double Slide

The Double Slide encourages interaction between students and also a way for a staff person to support a student while going down the slide.


RockBlocks® Climbing Tunnel

The Climbing Tunnel encourages imaginative play and builds a sense of discovery. It provides a realistic rock-climbing challenge. The holes are fun for students to climb through and allows staff to have a visual of the student inside.

sand water table

Sand and Water Table

The Sand and Water Tables will provide an interactive way for students to engage their senses. The tables can also be filled with other items for the student to explore with her hands in either sitting or standing.

teeter totter

Teeter Totter

The Teeter Totter will allow students to enjoy moving up and down and interacting with other kids facing them. The double seat allows for multiple students to enjoy the experience or a staff member to sit behind a student for support.


The AeroGlider

The AeroGlider encourages cooperation & teamwork among children of all ages and abilities. There is a unique stepping platform on both ends to provide an opportunity for more kids to play and increases the swaying fun. Back high rails allow adults to help glide and get in on the fun! There is enough room for two wheelchair users to sit side-by-side. The couches on each end allow children and adults to enjoy the ride. The table features comfort grip hand holds.


The Spinner Bowl

The Spinner Bowl will be fun for students of all different sizes. Using centrifugal force and the weight distribution of the child, speeds can be controlled and stopping is a breeze. The Spinner Bowl secures the child in its generous depth and makes training balance a wild ride.

Pagoda Bells

Pagoda Bells

As a park or garden ornament, or as an engaging piece of interactive urban art, this instrument rings with soothing blended tones, focusing attention on any outdoor setting. Reminiscent of the architecture of the Orient, this vertical array of bells provides lush tones of long duration. Durable and completely maintenance-free, the Pagoda Bells are a calming addition to any outdoor setting.


Glass Imbarimba

The Glass Imbarimba is a unique musical design combining the elements of two classic African Instruments: the marimba (a resonated xylophone) and the kalimba (a thumb piano). These notes are arranged in the layout of the kalimba with long bars in the middle and short bars on the ends. This allows both hands equal access to the upper and lower notes. The bars made of fiberglass are entirely weather proof and able to withstand hard use.

Sunset on the Yantzee

Sunset on the Yantzee

The low notes of the Sunset on the Yantzee create a rich canvas of sound for the other melodic instruments to play over. The individual notes are made with two and a half inch aluminum bars that are resonated by three inch diameter tubes ranging from one foot to two and a half feet long. These low tones have remarkable projection for their size.